Sledger vs Andre Nel and AB de Villiers

SPIN: AB, do you identify with other people known by their initials? Can you name any?
AB: Um, no. I can’t think of any.

SPIN: You know… WG Grace, AJP Taylor…
AB: Oh, right. Yeah, there are a couple I guess… No, I can’t say I’ve ever thought of it like that.

SPIN: What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen in the dressing-room?
Nel: There was a fines meeting a little while back where a few of us were too drunk to speak. That was pretty funny.
AB: Paul Harris had a fight with Jacques Kallis and Mark Boucher one day in India. It was only fun, but it got a bit messy. I probably shouldn’t go into details, but it’s fair to say they made his clothes really, really dirty, if you know what I mean.

SPIN: I’ve no idea, but think I’d probably prefer to keep it that way. How do you relax?
AB: I like to play the guitar. I play anything from Snow Patrol to Counting Crows. I play golf and read, too.
Nel: Music and fishing.

SPIN: What sort of fishing?
Nel: Is this interview about fishing? All sorts of fishing.

SPIN: What was the last CD you bought?
AB: I haven’t bought one for a while. Maybe Snow Patrol.
Nel: The Goo Goo Dolls.

SPIN: What would you put on eBay?
AB: My broken bats. I could get a few signatures and sell a few of them.

SPIN: how much do you spend on your hair?
Nel: Have you seen my hair? [removes hat].
SPIN: Not much, then.
Nel: Not much.
AB: I don’t spend anything on mine. I go and see a girl back home who does it for free. I don’t know why; the first time I came in she didn’t charge me so I keep going back. She’s a big cricket fan.

SPIN: Do you have a non-cricket skill that would surprise us?
Nel: I’m a qualified accountant. And you’d be surprised at how much I can drink. I mean, I can really drink.
AB: Maybe my guitaring. I write a few songs. It might be something I look at doing when I retire. You know, use any name I’ve made in cricket to try and make it in music.

SPIN: You seem a bit, um, passionate for an accountant…
Nel: I’d be exactly the same. What you see out on the pitch 
is what I am. It’s not put on at all. I’m a passionate person. It’s like I flick a switch. People say 
it must be hard to live with 
me, but I find it easy to turn it on and off.

SPIN: Who are the best and worst dressed men in cricket?
AB: Jacques Kallis is the worst. So, so plain. But his girlfriend is a model and she’s helping him. He’s getting better.
Nel: Jacques is bad. The worst by far. Nothing matches. AB is one of the best. And Mark Boucher and Herschelle Gibbs are good, too.

SPIN: What would you cook if we came round Nel/AB Towers for dinner?
Nel: Spaghetti Bolognese. I love cooking.

SPIN: Which three people, real or fictional, would you take on a big night out?
Nel: Mr Nelson Mandela. I’ve met him a couple of times and it was an unbelievable experience on both occasions; the most amazing moment of my life. He talked for a long time and let us take pictures. He’s a great gentleman. [‘Glamour’ ‘model’] Carmen Electra would have to be there, too. It’s pretty obvious why, isn’t it? And George Bush. I’d just want to ask him: ‘Why, George, why?’

SPIN: Do you think he and Carmen would get on well?
Nel: Probably, yes. Maybe they’d get together.
AB: I’d have Tiger Woods, Nelson Mandela and Kate Beckinsale. You have to have a woman there, don’t you?

Source: SpinPodCast – August 26, 2008

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