AB Talks To Sports Illustrated Fans

Facebook fans of Sports Illustrated were treated on Wednesday morning (18/8/10) when they got to interact with Proteas star AB de Villiers.

AB is currently down in Cape Town for a two day stint as Guest Editor of the Sports Illustrated magazine and he decided to reach out to the social media fans of the site with a 45 minute chat.

AB managed to answer roughly 20 questions and managed to answer some serious questions on his batting routines, life philosophies and the difficulties of being a public figure as well as having a good laugh at a number of questions.

Here’s a transcript of the questions which AB managed to answer.

Q: Zayne Clarke – Hi AB, huge fan! My question is, what do you think of Graeme Smith’s announcement about stepping down as T20 and ODI captain? Who do you think would be his best successor?
AB: Hi Zayne. I think it’s a big call, but I back his decision 100%. It’s obviously something he’s been thinking about for a while and will probably be best for his game. I’ve got no idea who the successor will be – there are four or five guys that could do the job.

Q: Enrico Oosthuizen – Hey AB! Good to be talking to you. I’m a big fan of yours and you are definitely my favourite player in the SA squad. Here’s my question. What was your most memorable moment of last season and what are your goals for the upcoming season?
AB: Hi Enrico – thanks. My most memorable moment of last season was scoring three tons in row in ODIs. Two against India and one in the West Indies. For the upcoming season I’d like to build some momentum going into the World Cup and bring a trophy home.

Q: Riaan Bam – Hi AB, What is your opinion on a captain being part of the selection panel?
AB – Hi Riaan, I think it’s great to have the captain there because he’s the guy who has the most knowledge about the players. And after all he’s the guy who has to go out there and lead the team to victory.

Q: Jan Van Zyl – Wie dink jy gaan volgende jaar by die wêreldbeker die Player of the Tournament wees en hoekom ? (Sluit jouself uit).
AB: Hi Jan. Ha ha. Ek hoop dit gaan n Protea wees!!! Dit sal beteken dat ons n goeie kans het om die beker te wen!

Q: Raymond Campbell – Hi AB, What do you think is the problem with our team when it comes to big match why can’t we win & Jacques Rene De Villiers – Lots of talent in SA cricket, but no WC! When are you guys going to win a World Cup? We are like New Zealand in rugby – always choking during the big tournaments….
AB: Hi Raymond & Jacques – You are right we have got lots of talent in the team, but have failed in the past to convert that into trophies. Hopefully this coming World Cup we’ll turn that around – the key will be to play the big moments better. It’s something we worked on last season.

Q: Graham Milfred Lindemann – Howzit AB. Which is worse – to never score a run again or to be an Aussie and play with Ricky Ponting?
AB: Hi Graham – I’d rather never play cricket again! Ha ha.

Q: Bernard Kluits – Dag se AB. Jy het al op alle vlakke van krieket gespeel groot doelwitte bereik, een van hulle is om SA te verteenwoordig. Wat motiveer jou om nog beter te doen, om hoër hoogtes te bereik en daarna te streef? Good luck with the new season ahead, stay humble as you are. You are a great role model. Keep it up!!!!
AB: Hi Bernard – Dankie vir die boodskap! Wel, die mooi ding van die lewe is dat n mens net groter droom na jy n droom bereik het. Ek streef daarna om beter te wees! As ek foute maak, wat ek gereeld doen, wil ek graag daaruit leer en groter droom

Q: Gillian Steyn – Hi AB, I am a huge fan of yours. My question : Is leaving Mark Boucher out of the 20/20 a good move? He is one of the best big hitters and having you as wicketkeeper robs the side of their best outfielder.
AB: Hi Gillian, thank goodness I’m not a selector. He’s a great player and a king-pin in the team.

Q: Fergus John Payne – Hi AB, mental preparation is a key component of successful cricket do you have a routine that you practice before you face a delivery?
AB: Hi Fergus, I have a few pointers that I go through before facing each ball. These pointers I cam up with during the last five seasons. They are basically made up of my strengths and correcting my weaknesses from the past. They are all very basic and are used as a trigger to make sure that I am focussed.

Q: Mattis van Eck Yo AB, who’s the better bowler: Graeme Smith or Simon Katich?
AB: Hi Mattis, sorry to let my captain down, but Simon Katich is a better bowler.

Q: Carlo Jonkerman – Hallo Abraham Benjamin. Wanneer die keuse kom tussen eendagse wedstryde en toetse na-aan die einde van jou loopban what sal jou keuese wees en hoekom?
AB: Hi Carlo – Ek dink ek sal meer neig na die toetse toe. Dis n rustiger skedule, wat beteken dat ek meer tyd by die huis kan spandeer!

Q: Dalene Van Vlaanderen – Hi AB, might be a question you can’t answer but what do you think the chances are of Gary Kirsten becoming coach when his contract with India is completed?
AB: Hi Dalene, I’m not sure if the chances are that good, but I do know that he’d be very keen to have that job one day. I have worked with him before and I think that he is a very skilled coach.

Q: McOckert Fourie – AB, whats the best chirp youve ever heard on the field?
AB: Hi McOckert, it was between Jacques Kallis and Sulieman Benn, but I can’t repeat it due to strong language and violence. Ha ha.

Q: Lindsay Cameron-Dow – Hi AB. My family are big fans of yours… Related to that, my 19-year-old cousin plays first league club cricket in Cape Town as a tall left arm spinner. His aspirations are obviously to become as good as Daniel Vettori but what makes the New Zealander so special that my cousin can pick up on? *** STAR QUESTION
AB: Hi Lindsay, I was lucky enough to have played with Daniel for the Delhi Daredevils. His key for success is variation in speed and consistency (knowing where he wants to pitch the ball and doing it).

Q: Tivani Papa-Ntsako Mabaso Heita Bru, What was best your 6 (runs) and it was against who?
AB: Hi Tivani, The best six I ever hit was in a Test match against India in Ahmedabad. It was off Harbajan Singh. It was a slog sweep that cleared the stadium and I went on to score 217* in that game.

Q: Enrico Oosthuizen – AB, what is your philosophy on life?
AB: Hi Enrico, I like chasing after my dreams and when I fall I see it as an opportunity to learn from my mistakes and dream bigger next time.

Q: Enrico Oosthuizen – What is the hardest thing of being a public figure?
AB: Hi Enrico – being judged is probably the worst. Unfortunately you get some people that judge everything you do. I try to ignore that and make sure that I enjoy every moment. After all it’s a privilege to be a public figure and I have the opportunity to have a positive influence on people’s lives – especially youngsters.

AB: Guys it’s been great to talk to you all. I have to go now. The winner is Lindsay Cameron-Dow for her question on Daniel Vettori. I’m going to sign the bat now for her and head off to lunch. Look out for the October issue for all the pics and more. Cheers, AB

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